About Us

Microsystems, Ltd.

Microsystems, Ltd. was founded in 1991г. for the solution of problems of mining and intrusion of intelligent human-machine interfaces. The traditions Microsystems, Ltd. ascend to Research center Neuroinformatika, earlier to Scientifically - exploratory cooperative society NOOKORT, and more earlier, in 1977г - to student's designer office a Neurocybernetics, MTU and the members of Systems of automatic control chair.

In the basis of mining the common view about ways of a data processing in a cerebral cortex realized on the computer in the form of neural networks lies. The researches in the field of simulated neural networks are conducted by us already more than 20 years and were applied by the specialists of the company to creation of systems of speech recognition and image processing. Then history of TextAnalyst™ also began at that time.

As is known, for speech recognition is necessary to comprehension of its. Originally designed program should automatically form a knowledge base for a system of recognition on the basis of the analysis of a texts body of a data domain hereinafter use it at voice recognition. In too time we attempted to satisfy and more steep own concern - to construct model of a data processing by a cerebral hemispheres - self-learning system which is capable to form structured model of arbitrary medium on the basis of the frequent properties analysis. Unfortunately, the work on by creation of a speech recognition system was necessary to minimize. However, the part, which one worked with the text, has appeared interesting in itself, and in the results of investigations was developed a new product TextAnalyst™.

Thus, due to preliminary fundamental studies, the first version of the program was built less than for 1 year. At the end of 1997 we developed a first commercial version -TextAnalyst 1.5. The program executed base functions of the text analysis at a minimum of service capabilities. Despite of an external simplicity the system conquered sympathies of the users. All their wishes collected for year of activity with TextAnalyst™ were put in the following version 2.0.

The experience both domestic, and foreign users has opened new, completely unexpected orbs of application of the program. From the initial tool for the fast analysis of a small text selection TextAnalyst confidently has stepped in the party of a professional support system of acceptance of the strategic solutions both means of formation and analysis of full-text databases, including corporate. Thus TextAnalyst™ has remained is simple in circulation and be clear. And its usage for creation of the hypertext electronic books and Web-pages allow to speak about a multifunction system, the popularity by which one grows day after day. Moreover, now TextAnalyst™- one of few Russian programs best-selling in USA and Western Europe.

Today under the trademark TextAnalyst™ we publish a series of technologies and modifications of the base version of a personal system TextAnalyst™ 2.0. This tool will satisfy for needs as a student, writing the abstracts, as and most experienced analyst.

Our company permanently works on by perfection of analytical capabilities and extending of the range of application of the TextAnalyst™ technologies, and also its integration with other software, including corporate DBMS and WWW - technologies.