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Software Development Kit of the text analysis technology.

TextAnalyst SDK contains programmatic components realizing a set of functions of the automatic analysis Russian and the English texts.

  • Released version of TextAnalyst SDK - 3.0.
  • Get the free evaluation copy of TextAnalyst SDK.

        2.12 Mb

Personal system of  the automatic text analysis. 

TextAnalyst is designed as the tool for the analysis of the texts contents, semantic information retrieval, formation of electronic archives.

  • Released version of TextAnalyst - 2.01.
  • Get the free evaluation copy of TextAnalyst.

      2.34 Mb

Your faster assistant in the text analysis.

TextReferent gives a capability to the user easily use the one of the advantage functions of TextAnalyst - automatic creation of the abstract. Abstract is a set of the proposals of the abstracted text, which one contain the key terms of the contents. 

  • Released version of TextReferent 1.0.
  • Get the free copy of TextReferent.

      1.55 Mb


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