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5-6 September, 2012
International youth conference «Informational systems and technologies»

12 April, 2006

The software product for text analysis "TextAnalyst"(add-on module for MS Word 97/2000/XP/2003) was successfully tested within the framework of Microsoft "Office Extensions" Competition 2006 and recommended for usage by experts. The product is located in Storage and Data Processing Technology Catalogue.

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Our company offers solutions based on natural linguistic text processing. These solutions include a whole spectrum of unique tools for working with textual information. Our main product is the notional text analyzer TextAnalyst™, which enables one to quickly become familiar with contents of any textual document from any application domain. TextAnalyst will show you all of the concepts mentioned in the documents. It will indicate which concepts are primary, and which ones were mentioned in passing. It will form notions intercouplings (correlations) and state their value. TextAnalyst will present the contents in the form of a topics and subtopics hierarchy. It will index the text and form hypertexts knowledge bases on the basis of text in documents from any data domain. TextAnalyst will create “classes” for textual documents based on a “quantity” and then classify another document by quantity based on these classes. All metadata about a document can be queried. Finally, TextAnalyst will automatically create an abstract for any document which it has analyzed. See our mission


TextAnalyst™ has been developed on the basis of neural network technology for complex, automatic semantic analysis of texts, semantic search, document subject classification and automatic creation of knowledge bases, hypertext links and abstracts.

TextAnalyst™ offers the user the following capabilities:

  • automatic identification of main topics (word-combinations and words) in free text documents and their relations, as well as estimation of their relative values;

  • automatic presentation of textual contents as hierarchical structures of subjects;

  • automatic text indexing with the creation of a hypertext knowledge base for any application domain;

  • creation of text classes document comparison based on classes;

  • semantic information search;

  • automatic reviewing of textual documents.

You may get more information on our products and technologies looking at the section Product .


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